About Misty D’Amico


For many years I worked in public accounting with terrible tax season hours. I’ve traded that in for corporate tax with terrible close hours but no time sheets. My job doesn’t define me, but fact is, that’s what I do for a living and tax law comprises a lot of what I know.

I’m a teacher by nature and education. I have a Masters in Public Accounting and an additional 24 graduate hours in Business Education thanks to The University of Texas at Austin and Southern New Hampshire University. I also love to learn – reading takes up a good bit of my free time. I can’t believe what you can learn for free on the internet!

I’m a mom. Sam is now a fifth grader and has begun to understand what his mom does for a living.

I’m particularly passionate about educating and assisting nonprofits. In my experience, the nonprofit sector does amazing work with stretched resources. If I can give a little insight to ease their tax reporting burden, I’m happy to help!

Naturally, the opinions expressed in this blog are my own. They may not reflect the opinions of other employees at my company. If you disagree with the information I provide, let me know. Tax law is full of gray areas and interpretation – and I always enjoy a good debate. So let’s get going with a little tax talk (or whatever else is on my mind).

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