Three-in-One: Pinterest Days 12-14

Every parent knows that Cub Scouts is actually more work for the parent than it is for the kid. Double checking the requirements, collecting the materials, motivating through completion – all tasks in the parent’s unwritten handbook.

Cub Scouts culminates in the Crossover Ceremony where the Cubs become Boy Scouts. Our pack celebrates the crossover with a pot-luck and a themed decorated cake contest. This year’s theme was airplanes.

When Sam excitedly said that he wanted to make a cake, I was not feeling quite as eager. I have always left the decorated cakes to my super-talented sister (some day I’ll tell the stories of the 2-foot tall neopolitan Superhero skyscraper cake transported to the bowling alley and the frosted rice crispy treat castle with moat for the Knights & Dragons party).

But he was very matter-of-fact about participating, leaving me little choice but to get my (read Pinterest’s) creative juices flowing. The first idea we found was a banana airplane as decoration. Super cute! That led to deciding to make a banana cake. But we also had to have clouds so meringue icing was an obvious choice. Three Pinterest finds on one cake – probably not a record, but still impressive. Take a look at the finished product —

Airplane cake

The best part of the project was working with Sam. He really did most of it himself – I think the recent Kid’s Baking Championship on the Food Network was a motivator. I supervised and was on clean-up duty, but he embraced this project. The kicker – he doesn’t like cake – well he says it’s the icing but … :-) He successfully carefully transported his cake to the event and proudly placed it on the table to be judged. The judges awarded him with The Most Outside The Box. He is still smiling about it.

Recipe comments: We probably will try a different banana cake recipe next time. This one was quite dry and more of a banana bread than a cake. But the meringue frosting was fabulous! I’ve had meringue fail in the past, so I had a little trepidation going into the cloud-making project. This recipe was a 10! Not too sweet, very fluffy, and easy to pipe on the cake. I will definitely use this recipe again! And Sam says that he might eat a cupcake if I use this icing :-)

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2 Responses to Three-in-One: Pinterest Days 12-14

  1. Linda Howe says:

    I was a Cub Scout leader who directed the whole pack through Order of the Arrow and taught them how to sew on their own patches and how to sew on buttons. It was a tough job, but one I am glad I did, especially when some of them went on to attain Eagle Scout rank. Scout leaders are invaluable, but in the end, it is the parents’ commitment ( I never can remember how that is spelled!) which makes the difference. Kudos to you for all you have done to make Sam the Scout he is. Keep it up!

  2. Misty says:

    Sam has loved Scouts. I can’t take much credit since I made it clear to my guys that it was the BOY Scouts early on in the game :-). However, baking challenges are in my realm. He has been to two Boy Scout meetings since crossing over and can’t wait for Mondays!

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