Snack Time: Pinterest Day 10

The other day, I really wanted some chips – something salty, something crunchy, something totally not good for me. But I resisted! Instead I turned to the idea factory (aka Pinterest) for a healthier option.

A quick survey of the pantry and refrigerator did not look promising for potential ingredients. Then I noticed the can of chickpeas – perfect!

Less than an hour later I was enjoying Sweet and Salty Roasted Chickpeas. I didn’t make them exactly as the recipe suggested. This time not from purposeful edits but instead from not reading the recipe before starting. The recipe clearly says to roast the chickpeas without the seasoning. Oops – didn’t read that part before all the ingredients were in the bowl. I forged ahead and put them in the oven (I only had one can of chickpeas).

I was a little worried about whether the brown sugar would burn, so I kept an eye on the oven more than usual. Good news – it didn’t seem to matter!

They were perfect, crispy little nuggets! Yum! The only disappointment was that I couldn’t get anyone else in the house to try them. My son “hates beans” and my husband doesn’t like the smell of roasting sugar. Oh well – more for me! I think these would be great for a party. Easy to make and gluten-free. And did I say so easy to make?

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