The Frozen Salad Dressing Dilemma: Day 9

We had a beautiful salad last night – spinach, feta & pomegranates – to accompany marinated steak tips. Then I went into the fridge for salad dressing – looking for the balsamic – but what I found surprised me. Both the Caesar and Italian had frozen. Not solid but definitely not the proper consistency. Obviously, shoving dressing to the back of the top shelf is not the ideal storage spot! The creamy dressings seemed to be fine but neither blue cheese or ranch were the right choice for this salad. And no balsamic to be found.

When I expressed dismay at the situation, Hal suggested that I make one (he may have been joking). Little did he know that Pinterest would save the day. Exactly six minutes later, I had made an awesome balsamic vinaigrette.

I made the recipe basically as written with the exception of the minced garlic. We normally buy jarred minced garlic but only had chopped in the fridge. I thought chopped garlic might overpower the dressing and taste too much like raw garlic, so I added garlic powder instead. As the recipe suggests, it is a rather thick dressing, but quite tasty! Perfect for the salad!

When Hal asked if balsamic should be added to the grocery list, I confidently answered “No.” No more bottled balsamic vinaigrette in this house. Not when it is so easy to make fresh. I really hope you’ll try it too!

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  1. Hal D'Amico says:

    The author/culinary artist nailed it with the dressing. The salad also proves simple can be extraordinarily yummy. Her ingredient ratios were spot-on. We love pomegranates!

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