Because Sometimes You Need Fries: Pinterest Day 8

I got rid of my Fry Daddy many years ago and rarely fry anything. However, I’ve been really curious to attempt sweet potato fries. Baked would clearly be the healthier option but I like my fries extra crispy and salty. Hard to do in the oven.

The Cuban chicken dish that I made last week suggested pairing with yams. Seemed to be the right time for sweet potato fries!

A Pinterest search led me to a recipe for “the crispiest sweet potato fries” that you’ll make at home. The first taste test didn’t disappoint. My boy loved them! The ones that I sliced most thinly were definitely the best. Perfect with a taste of blue cheese dressing!image

The problem was that several batches later, the first batches were limp and cold. I can’t imagine how you could time dinner to serve everyone hot crispy fries and eat together. Maybe keep them in the oven warmer?

Overall, what a disappointment! And the clean-up was a mess. Reminded me why fried food will be a rarity in our home. Back to baking!

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