365 Days of Pinterest: Day 7

Finally, a week’s worth of Pinterest! And I’m already trying variations on recipes.

You may remember that I wanted to add more oatmeal (without the mush or any extra time) to my morning routine. So I tried another recipe for baked oatmeal. Sam wasn’t a huge fan of the last version because of the fruit. So I searched for a recipe with brown sugar and cinnamon to mimic his favorite instant version. image

The recipe that I found is super flexible. Basically, Michigan Baked Oatmeal is fantastic! I used the base idea and added my own ingredients. Someday I might try it exactly according to the recipe but this time I put a southern twist to it.

Instead of almonds and walnuts, I used pecans. And no visible fruit this time! I added applesauce in place of the apples and did not add the dried fruit. A drizzle of maple syrup (from New Hampshire) and it was perfect!image

The top wasn’t quite as crunchy as the last version but the flavor was more satisfying to me. It made plenty so it gave me a few work days of extra which I have enjoyed this week. I could even quickly pack it up if I’m running late. I’ll add a bit more cinnamon next time, but since even my husband (a lunch-for-breakfast eater) liked it, I think it’s a keeper!

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