365 Days of Pinterest: Day 6

Sometimes we need a snow day. I mean, we REALLY need a snow day. Honestly, we have a pretty good shot in Maine. This past week did not disappoint!

When the forecast is for blizzard conditions and 24 inches of snow, your office generally is closed. I worked from home so was able to try out a recipe that caught my eye: Cuban Chicken.

We eat a lot of basic roasted chicken. I had high hopes for this recipe with its citrus focus. I actually meant to make it on the previous Sunday but didn’t read the recipe closely enough. We were too hungry to allow for even an hour of marinating time. So the snow allowed for an earlier start.

I prepared the chicken and marinade around 3pm for a 6pm dinner. I didn’t actually get the chicken in until 4:45pm, so it had almost two hours to marinate. The onions, peppers and citrus smelled delicious before I poured them into the pot with the chicken. image

Unfortunately, the finished product just tasted like juicy, roasted chicken. The “sauce” left in the pot was great, but we really needed something to put it on. I think it might have been better as a chicken and rice dish where I just used chicken breast and mixed the marinade with the rice. It could be a good dish with a bit of modification. We’ll see if I try it again. But the snow day was definitely a welcome respite from the typical day. Let it snow!

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