365 Days of Pinterest: Day 5

My standard breakfast on weekdays is yogurt – generally Chobani lime or coconut. That and a cup of coffee at work generally gets my day started. But I’ve been wanting to add a little variety to the morning menu without adding any time.

Sam often eats oatmeal – Quaker instant with brown sugar – and usually with a side of bacon. Better than some options, but I think we could do better.

I recently tried Blueberry Baked Oatmeal. The recipe spoke to my desire to make oatmeal that wasn’t mushy. I like the flavor of oatmeal but not always the consistency.

I made the oatmeal casserole on Sunday morning. I made it with both blueberries and raspberries since Sam prefers raspberries. Raspberries on one end, blueberries on the other and a mix in the middle. Oh, the things we do for our kids!


I told Sam that it would be like an oatmeal cookie for breakfast. Not quite – but still pretty good. The oatmeal toasted nicely which made for a great consistency. The fruit wasn’t very sweet so I drizzled a little syrup on top. Both of my guys enjoyed it but agreed that it wasn’t quite enough for a weekend breakfast.

The best part was the leftovers! My husband portioned it into baggies which I had for breakfast three days the next week. A quick minute in the microwave and it was almost as good as the first day. A new workday staple!

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