365 Days of Pinterest: Day 2

For several years, I have made it a New Year’s tradition to clean out the refrigerator. Purging expired salad dressings and open barbecue sauce just feels good!

While investigating the various bottles and jars, I opened the crisper drawers and was appalled by the disorganization. Fruits and vegetables all mixed up! Onions and apples in both drawers!

What a mess!

What a mess!

I have typically separated the items by fruit in one and vegetables in the other, but I had no idea why. Pinterest to the rescue!

Evidently the humidity level (determined by the little slides on the drawers) really does matter. Some fruits expel gas (ethylene) that causes them to rot if the gases are contained. This would include apples, pears, avocados and pitted fruits. Leafy green vegetables do not expel theses gases and are properly stored with the slide closed to keep the moisture in. Interestingly, strawberries and watermelon should be stored in high humidity since presumably they are sensitive to moisture loss.

I’ve rearranged the drawers but I had too many fresh items for them all to fit. I kept the bagged spinach and salad out to give the drawers some breathing room. The article suggested that ideally the drawers would only be 2/3 full. Maybe this will also help me see the old stuff that seems to sit on the bottom and offend my olfactory system.

I’m certain that this organization will go out the window after the next trip to the grocery, but I’m happy to have learned the proper way to store items in the crisper drawers.

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