Finding My Strengths

I moderated a mini-StrengthsQuest seminar for my co-workers today. If you aren’t familiar with the Now, Discover Your Strengths book by Buckingham/Clifton, you should really check it out. The online assessment that comes with the book identifies your top “Themes”. By understanding your themes/talents, you can develop strengths for personal and professional success.

I had taken this assessment about ten years ago with a previous employer, put the book on the shelf, and kinda forgot about it. When I dusted it off a few weeks ago, I found that the themes still really resonated with me. My top themes are Individualization, Maximizer, Ideation, Input and Learner. None surprised me – more like self-evident truths.

As I reflected on my themes, I realized that writing is an obvious outlet and use of my strengths. The Input theme is about collecting information. The Ideation theme is about putting disparate ideas together. The Individualization theme is focused on knowing people and creating ways to connect with them as individuals. The Learner theme creates a never-ending quest for knowledge. The Maximizer theme takes a good idea/process and makes it better. It also sometimes prevents me from putting an idea out there until it is perfect. Like this blog —

So (big sigh), I’m going to move beyond my perfectionist tendencies and put my ideas/collections/learned knowledge out there for you to read. I promise, the next blog entry will be less personal and contain more information. In the meantime, consider going on your own StrengthsQuest.

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