Feeling Grateful

My Google mailbox flashes snippets of news, the word of the day and thought-provoking quotes. Today’s quote from William Arthur Ward was “Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.”

I hate to admit it, but I’ve done that – both not expressing gratitude timely and wrapping presents and never giving them. I just ran across a wedding gift for a college friend in my packing for our move from Texas to Maine. She got married at least five years ago. I have a baby present for a former colleague sitting on my dresser. The baby was born 9 months ago. These things make me ashamed and probably mean that I’m not that great of a friend. Or at best it just means that I have good intentions but terrible follow-through.

Just like this blog. I certainly did not mean to abandon it, but five months is a long time to be away. I can come up with a good number of excuses, but that’s what they’d be – just excuses. So, whether the topic of this blog is of interest to anyone or just a way to express my inner author, I am recommitting to this blog.

To relate this blog to today’s quote, I am grateful to the IRS for offering Free File. The IRS announced today that Free File is available for 2011 returns. Free File enables many folks to use brand-named tax software to prepare and electronically file their tax returns for no charge. For higher income folks, the IRS offers Free File Fillable Forms (try saying that three times quickly).

I am an e-file convert. I had my doubts that an electronically filed tax return was better than a paper filed one. When I’m giving away that much money, it is frankly more satisfying to sign my name to a paper document than approving an on-screen return with an e-signature. However, I believe that the IRS is much more likely to process my return properly if I e-file it. Do you remember the little problem that the IRS had several years ago with overworked employees failing to process returns and letting them sit in the corner untouched for years or thrown into the trash? An e-filed return is unlikely to get “lost” before it is processed by the IRS computers.

So go forth and e-file as of today! And I’ll work on getting those presents delivered.

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